Titanium Alloy Powder

powdmax Titanium Alloy Powder

Titanium alloy powder is well known as a light alloy because of its excellent mechanical propertiesand corrosion resistance.With high specific strength, good corrosion resistance and good biocompatibility, it is often used in aviation, marine and medical fields. Ningbo ZhongyuanAdvanced Materials Technologies Co., Ltd.uses flawless electrode induction vacuum gas atomization(EIGA) technology to produce titanium alloy powder. The powder has high sphericity andlow oxygen content, especially is suitable for SLM additive manufacturing.

Material Grade

TA1,TA15,TA19,TB6,TC4,TC4ELl, etc.

Chemical Composition

Ingredients standard: GB/T 3620.1-2016

Physical Property

Titanium Alloy Powder Physical Property

Particle Distribution


Typical Application

Parts of aviation, aerospace,marine equipment and biomedical.
Other products requiring excellent comprehensive performance, high specific strength and good corrosion resistance.

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